Dive for Slack

Save time and keep track of your meetings with our powerful Slack integration. Start a Dive session, get notified of session highlights, and import your team members from Slack.

Click here to connect Dive with Slack or head to Homepage → Settings → Integrations.

Once you have added Dive to Slack, you can:

  • Open a new meeting by typing the command /dive new in your channel.

  • Open a Dive room for your channel by typing the command /invite @dive.

  • Check out all the apps on Dive has to offer and start an app with one click with the command: /dive game.

Learn more about Dive for Slack here.

Dive App for Zoom

With the Dive App for Zoom, you boost productivity and engagement your team and 1:1 meetings directly from the Zoom client.

Once you have installed the Dive App for Zoom, you can start aany Dive app right from Zoom. Build an agenda, keep track of time, and access 50+ apps and activities.

Learn more about the Dive App for Zoom here.

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