Dive is where your team meets for engaging, interactive, and meaningful meetings. This article will help you get started with creating and managing your Dive space.

Create your Dive space

Head to the Dive Welcome page and signup with your Google account, Slack account, or work email address. If you sign up with an email address, you’ll be asked to make a one-time password and then receive a verification email. Once you’ve created your Dive space, you will be the Admin.

Set up your first Dive meeting

Dive meetings are where your teammates get together! You can start with Quick Hangout or choose a pre-made template for a particular type of meeting. Check out our in-depth guide to setting up your first session.

Invite your team to Dive

Time to bring your team with you to Dive. There are several ways to invite your team:

  • Click the "Invite People" button on the top right of your team space. Enter email addresses of all the teammates you want to invite, choose from teammates you are connected to on Slack if you are using the Slack integration, or send the invite link.

  • Invite from inside a Dive room. The session participant will be asked to make a Dive account and will be added to your Dive space.

Learn more about how to invite your team to Dive.

Explore apps & agendas

Start taking advantage of all of the engagement tools built into Dive. We recommend starting with a one on one meeting or a small group to get the hang of Dive. Start by playing a game, sharing GIFs and emojis, and doing an icebreaker.

Get your team up to speed

Help your teammates make the most out of Dive, so every user becomes a power user. Here are some resources that will help:

You can also set up a customized onboarding for your team! Contact max@letsdive.io to schedule.

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