Dive makes your team meetings more engaging and a whole lot of fun with some of our most-loved features - emojis, sounds, and GIFs.

You can react to everything your teammates discuss in the meetings not just with emojis but also with sounds and GIFs. Find a new way to express yourself - one reaction at a time!

How to use reactions:

Open up your Dive meeting. In the bottom right, you will see the Emojis, GIFs, and Sounds icons.


Hover over the Emoji icon. Choose your favorite emoji and click once or a bunch of times to see the emoji fly across the screen.


Hover over the GIF icon. Type in a search word, click your chosen GIF, and that GIF will appear instead of your face in the meeting.


Hover over the Sounds icon and choose from a selection of fun sounds. Click on the sound and it will play for all of the meeting participants.

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