• Log in to your Dive account.

  • Click on "Set up a Ritual" on the homepage to create a new Ritual.

  • This will give you the option to create a room where you can set an agenda. Choose any one of the pre-loaded themes or create your own by clicking on "I haven't got any particular agenda".

  • If you choose any one of these in-built themes, you will be asked to add more details regarding the number of participants and if you would like to make this a private room. You will also be given the option to pair a Slack channel to this room.

  • If you choose to create a ritual without a particular agenda, you will be asked to add more details like the name of the ritual, number of participants, pairing a Slack channel, and so on.

  • Next, you can pin your favorite apps so that they appear on the right pane in your Dive room.

  • To schedule a "Daily or Weekly Ritual" you can pick a day and time of the week when you would like this event to be repeated.

  • You could also choose to make this a "One-off Event" and pick a day for your ritual.

  • Lastly, invite teammates to your room or copy the invite link to send it to all those you would like to join this room!

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