Action items

Now you can keep track of all of your to-dos in Dive agendas. Leave every meeting knowing what the next steps are for your whole team.

AI-generated action items

As you meet with your team, simply talk normally and Dive will keep notes for you. After your meeting, Dive will automatically generate action items that will be at the top of your summary in the "Recordings" tab.

Add action item manually to an agenda

To add an action item to an agenda before or during a meeting, click “Enter” to start a new line, then the backslash key “/”. A list of formatting options will appear. Click “Action Item” and you will see a new task in the agenda.

Tip: Add a new agenda section titled “Action Items” to keep all action items in the same place.

Assign action item to a teammate

To assign an action item to a teammate, hover over the item and click Assign. Search for the teammate then click on their name to assign the action item to them. The action item will then appear in their task list.

Set a deadline

To set a deadline, hover over the action item and click Due Date. Then select the deadline from the calendar.

Keep track of action items

In Dive - you can find your action items in the Tasks tab on the left side.

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