How to use meeting automations

Dive’s meeting assistant can send meeting recaps, helps you collect inputs before meetings, and ask for feedback after the meeting.

Here’s how to set up your automation settings. To start, head to the Automations tab.

Meeting Assistance

Send meeting recap automatically

When you invite the Dive bot to your meeting, Dive automatically records your meetings and generates a transcript and summary. You can choose who these summaries get sent to. Summaries are sent to the email address listed in Dive and through Slack if the integration is activated.

  1. Select after which meeting you want recaps sent
  2. Select who you want recaps sent to

Collect inputs and updates from meeting participants before the meeting

Dive can contact your meeting attendees before the meeting to gather information.

  1. Select who to contact before the meeting. You can also select “Don’t Share” if you do not want this request sent.
  2. Select when to send the reminder
  3. Select who to send the request to

Ask for feedback after the meeting

Dive can request feedback from meeting participants so that you can run better meeting in the future.

  1. Select which meetings to activate this feature for
  2. Select who to ask for feedback


Task reminders & meetings digest

Get reminders on tasks that are assigned to you and notifications when tasks that you assigned are completed.

  1. Choose which task reminders you want to recieve
  2. Select daily or monthly cadence

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