The days of remote work are here. There has been a massive shift in the way people work and all of this points to one thing only - remote work is here to stay.

But with working remotely comes its own bandwagon of unique problems. Over the last year or so, we have seen that working remotely has had an impact on how teams engage with one another. Teammates interact less and there is a sense of isolation looming over them as they log in and out of work. While there are many tools to solve remote work problems, there are hardly any tools to solve remote work culture problems. If Slack is the virtual work-desk and Zoom is the virtual conference room, where is the virtual break-out or café?

Our mission at Dive is to bridge this gap and make teams feel connected again. What we see missing is the lack of human touch in a remote workplace. With Dive, we want to rewrite how remote teams engage with one another and in the process help build a sustainable remote working culture.

With Dive, you get to hang out, play games, engage in meaningful conversations and have fun experiences TOGETHER. On Dive, your remote team's meetings and social gatherings become personal, fun, and engaging. Use Dive as your video platform for meetings to make them more memorable and fun, or use it to start new rituals with your team to keep everyone connected. You can hang out with your coworkers, play games, have free-flowing conversations - all one platform.

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