Dive is your remote team's virtual social space. If Zoom is the virtual conference room, and Slack is the virtual desk, then Dive is the ping pong table, watercooler, and local cafe where serendipitous conversations happen, all bundled into one platform.

Dive fosters culture, builds human connection, and drives employee engagement across a remote workplace.

With Dive, you get to hang out, play games, engage in meaningful conversations, and have fun experiences TOGETHER.

On Dive, your remote team's meetings and social gatherings become personal, fun, and engaging. A Dive room is a space where you can have video calls and do a bunch of activities together. Think of it as a video room + your group of coworkers.

Dives can be made on any topic.

You can make a Dive for an event (Socials, Townhall, Birthdays etc), a team (Product, Design, Backend etc), a project (Website, App Acme project etc), geography (Dallas, Amsterdam, NYC, Bangalore), a purpose (Lunch, Hangout, Daily Catch up, Post Work Chills), Interests (Basketball, Diving etc) and so on.

Dives help you organize your team and make it easy for you to hangout and get to know the people you work with every day.

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