Dive rooms are the virtual space for your remote team. They are your meeting spaces, your neighborhood cafes, your office kitchen, and ping pong table - all reimagined in the virtual world for remote teams.

Here are a few ways for you to create a new Dive room:

From the Dive app

  • Create a new Quick Hangout

    • In the top right of the team space, click on the "+New Room" button, then select "Quick Hangout".

    • This automatically opens a new Dive room titled "Quick Hangout" that is pre-loaded with our most popular activities.

    • Invite your teammates to join you and let the games begin! You can always customize the room with a unique room name and theme in the Settings section on the top left.

  • Create a new Custom room

    • In the top right of the team space, click on "+New Room", then select "Customized Room".

    • You will be given the option to create your custom room theme, choose your pre-loaded activities, schedule your Dive, and invite your team to your custom room.

    • Your customized room with your chosen setting will appear in your Team Space to return to any time.

  • Join an existing room

    • All of your team's existing rooms will appear in your team space. Simply click the "Start" button to open the room, or the "Join" button if the room is already live.

    • All live rooms will also appear on the top left of your sidebar. Click "Join" to enter the room.

From Slack

It's easy to start a new Dive room in your Slack channel.

  1. Make sure you have downloaded the Slack integration for Dive [link to Slack integrated]

  2. Simply type "/dive new" or "/dive room" to instantly start a new Dive room for everyone in your channel.

  3. You can also type "/dive" to see a list of suggested activities and games on Dive and start one instantly.

From Zoom

  1. Make sure you have the latest Zoom version and have the Dive App for Zoom downloaded.

  2. Open up your Zoom meeting.

  3. Click on the “Apps” icon in the menu bar at the bottom of your screen to explore the marketplace, install Dive, and open it right up in Zoom.

  4. Invite everyone in your meeting by clicking the "Send" button in the top right navigation.

  5. Choose your activity and get started!

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