Dive rooms are video rooms for your team to get together and hang out. You can play games, watch videos, chat, use emoticons and sounds, have white-boarding sessions, and have other fun activities there.

You can host your existing meetings on Dive when you want to kick the fun and engagement up a notch or start a new regular catch-up ritual for your teams and coworkers.

Dive rooms are packed with cool features including games, ice breakers, the ability to watch YouTube together, emojis, sounds, GIFs, chat, and more.

You can create rooms centered around:

  • Specific activities — Fun Friday, Social, One-on-ones, Daily meeting, Stand-up, Retrospective, etc.

  • Interests — hang out with teammates based on your shared interest in Travel, Food, Music, etc.

  • Company team — Marketing, Design, Sales, Engineering, Customer Support

  • Rooms can also be totally random based on location, hobbies, and a bunch of other things. Think of these similar to your Slack channels and get creative!

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