One-on-ones have a very serious tone attached to them.

In reality, having a one-on-one at a cafe or while walking serves more effective than having one in a conference room.

It encourages peers to open up better and have an interesting conversation.

It's the same reason why you should use Dive for your one-on-ones.

Add a Dive link to your one-on-one calendar invite to help the other person join in a click.

To break the ice you can start with a small game for 5 minutes. This could be truth or dare, Two truths and one lie, Draw party, or Psych — the classic icebreaker games. Surprisingly, there is so much more you learn about each other while playing a game.

To keep the conversation more structured and meaningful it's a great idea to use conversation prompts. You can either use existing themes from Things to Talk about or create your own theme called one-on-ones and add relevant questions.

Provide scope for giving feedback using emoticons, sounds, and GIFs, It's a fun way to understand how they feel.

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