Dive is THE space for remote teams to socialize.

Team bonding and social relationships at work are built on top of off-work conversations. Which is what is missing in remote work.

These off-work conversations make you enjoy each other's company, make friends within the team, get to know each other better, and most importantly have fun together.

Imagine if we could have a great time with your peers with a single click.

Without switching between gazillion apps.

Interact with peers over a video interface that doesn't remind us of work.

Laugh, play, watch videos, interact with emojis, sounds, and GIFs, and have a great time. Where we can make friends at work again. That's Dive for you!

We built Dive to give you a remote work environment with no borders or differences. Where anyone could talk to anyone without any bias. There's space for friendship, mentorship, fun, and TEAM BONDING.

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