Not all meetings need to look and sound serious. Whenever you have casual meetings, steer away from tools that you use for your serious work meetings.

Your work meeting software is boring and bland. And it gives an impression that the discussion that you are having is inevitably going to be about work.

Think about this — you wouldn't have a revenue discussion at the cafeteria and you wouldn't want to have a lunch discussion in a conference room. It makes sense to do this virtually too.

Dive lets you add flavor to your meetings with high-quality video, audio, emoticons, sounds, GIFs, and other interactions. Since your team already knows that Dive is a casual platform and a place for them to socialize, they walk into the meeting with the right expectations.

Here are the different types of casual meetings you can have on Dive: Onboarding new hires, Icebreakers, lunch meet-ups, coffee break conversations, watercooler conversations, daily stand-up, weekly retrospective meetings, town-halls, milestone celebration, and announcement meetings.

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