The classic Icebreaker game.

Do you want to know your colleague better? Do you think you know all about your teammate? Let’s check it out.

The rule is super easy. The person who starts the game automatically becomes the host. Whenever there are more than 2 people in the room, the Host will be able to start the game. Click on Start Game.

Every person says 3 facts about themselves. One of them is a lie.

Once everyone has entered their truths and lies, the game will progress towards guessing. Each player will guess the lie. The scores will be tallied towards the end.

Pro tip:

Try to pronounce them in the same voice, so other people can not guess what is a lie. Other people discuss these facts and choose a lie. Then the next person goes.

You can play this game all day long because it is fun and interesting. You’ll often find that some people’s truths are more unbelievable than their lies.

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